Some Easy Spanish Songs To Play On Guitar

Finding beginners songs to play when you’re learning flamenco guitar is not the easiest thing actually, it’s quite a challenge. A lot of the time beginner pieces are written in standard music notation which most average guitarists can’t read anyway so that immediately limits us to TAB.

This tutorial is designed for novice Spanish Guitar players so it’s perfect for anyone fitting the description of what I’ve just described above. It’s where I started and I still recommend this course to everyone I hear expressing an interest in learning to play this beautiful style of guitar.

You can start out with any kind of nylon string guitar you like, it does not have to be a flamenco guitar specifically! So save your money and buy something cheaper at first. Later you can upgrade.

Also, avoid killing yourself trying to learn the more advanced flamenco techniques until much later on. For now keep it simple, there are a ton of easy songs you can play for a very authentic Spanish guitar sound right now without needing to practice for years.

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Pauls Guitar Lessons And An Essential Strumming Pattern

Thought I’d post up this great new guitar lesson I found just the other day. I love it when I learn something new and well, this video is well worth watching!

So as we all know there are a million and one potential strumming patterns  out there to learn but do you really need all of them? Nope, no way. If you’ll concentrate on just learning the most important ones first… the ones that give you the most bang for you buck then you’ll be covered for around 80% of songs you come across. No joke.

An Example Of An Awesome Guitar Lesson

A great place to get started is with this video from Paul’s guitar lessons and from the comments seems that most other people are liking it too. In it he shows you one of the most powerful guitar strums you can learn and the way it’s broken down is genius. This guy CAN TEACH GUITAR. That’s for sure.

The second resource I’d like to mention is CeBASE Guitar Site where he’s also done a fantastic guitar chords tutorial.

In the video lesson you’ll discover

  • How to get greater definition in your strumming sound
  • How to isolate the bass notes in different chords
  • A killer example song progress demonstrating the strum & chords in real use
  • The best way to practice this on guitar so it becomes automatic

Not bad for something that’s free and under 6 minutes in length right?

Now remember that you need to have a lot of clarity in your chords to make this sound as good as it should do. What is meant by ‘chord clarity’?

Well, it means that every note on every chord you play should sound out loud and clear, note that I said “every note” and not ‘every string’. That’s a different thing!

As the video says you can use this pattern to play a lot of songs on guitar and it my opinion it’s one of the best acoustic guitar tutorials out there.

This would be a good guitar channel to subscribe to

Certificate Guitar Courses

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Online Video Guitar Lessons

online guitar lessons

Guitar Lessons On The Internet

You know, traditionally it was always in the smokey back-house rooms of old and derelict clubs that young,

impressionable guitarists would learn how to play blues guitar and hone their chops until they started to set fire to the stage. Electric telecasters and fender amps – all tube and pushed to 10… you get the idea, but now there’s something quite, quite new and different – learning how to play guitar online like here is now as normal as watching TV. How times have changed with the advent of the internet and faster streaming video online.

Many of the current and most popular websites for learning this style of guitar actually started out as just amateur enthusiasts posting up free lessons to youtube – the kind where they’re sitting on their bed, amp at their feet, just wailing on the latest lick they heard from Stevie Ray Vaughan or Buddy Guy. What happens is that these kinds of innocent guitar lessons (if they’re any good) get hundreds of thousands of views online and become so well known and popular that what started out as “hey check out this cool lick I found” turns into a full blow online guitar website complete with a membership program.

The Danger Of Internet Guitar Lessons

While having access to such a massive amount of new information is great news we must also be cautious not to lose some of the best reasons why learning to play the ol’ fashioned way was so effective. In the past, guitar players didn’t have the kinds of online video guitar lessons we see here, instead they really had to use their ear and work it all out by repeating the records over and over. This was a harder way to learn but the huge gain was that you were forcing your ‘musical ear’ to develop and actually create a direct line from what you heard in your head and what you could then play on your instrument. That’s called musicianship and you’ll never get it if all you ever do is search for online guitar tabs and lessons where the work has already been done for you.

Want more, cool! Me too. Here’s a great tutorial on how to play guitar lifted fresh from youtube today, check out this guy explain how to play Sweet Home Alabama. Some people are just born to teach!

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Playing the Guitar with Accuracy

Playing the Guitar with Accuracy

Playing the guitar with the techniques that you have learned is not enough. Not only that you have to produce a good and clean sound, you must also learn how to play with accuracy in order for you to achieve this.  Accuracy in playing the guitar means fretting, picking with accuracy. Hitting the right notes, plucking the right strings, that is how it is.  There are no rooms for mistakes when it comes to accuracy. When you are accurate in your guitar playing, you would definitely sound better and become more fluid when doing guitar solos and other stuff.

Playing the Guitar with Accuracy | Exercises that helps in improving your accuracy

There are lots of exercises out there that would help you improve your accuracy. One knows exercise is doing alternate picking slowly at first and gradually increasing speed. But you shouldnâ??t make mistakes. You have to repeat things over and over again until you perfect it. You should discipline yourself not to slack and to play it perfectly and never stop until you master it. This way, you are promoting perfect accuracy in your guitar playing which is the thing that we are trying to aim. Playing fast is not all that matters, you must also play with accuracy.

Playing the Guitar with Accuracy | Conclusion

Accurate guitar playing is not an easy task to achieve. It takes a lot of time and effort to master it. So donâ??t be discouraged if you canâ??t do it perfectly at first. Eventually you would be able to as long as you practice regularly. Besides, mastering it is all about getting used to it. If you get used to the routine you can then do it without effort at all. Itâ??s like part of your system. So when you get used to playing the guitar with accuracy, you would then be perfect in doing it.

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Learning Guitar Techniques â?? Slide

Learning Guitar Techniques â?? Slide

We all know that guitar playing is one of the most sought after musical skills. That is primarily the reason why there are lots of people who prefer learning the guitar over any other instrument. However, not everyone who tries to learn it is successful. There are also many aspiring guitar players who quits after a while because they find it difficult or they got bored. This is the result of the wrong methods of learning guitar that they might be using. It is important for an aspiring guitar player to have a specific method of learning for him or her to succeed in guitar playing.

Learning Guitar Techniques â?? Slide | learning techniques

The proper way of learning guitar is through following a well â?? laid out and organized guitar lesson plan. That is the proper way of learning it. That is why it is important the you learn guitar techniques when you are past the beginner stage. This should be done on the intermediate or the advanced level. However, beginners are not prohibited from doing it. Just make sure that you pursue it and not quit when the going gets tough.

Learning Guitar Techniques â?? Slide | Learn

One example of a good Guitar technique is the Slide. The slide technique simply brings color, life and variance to the note that you are playing. Execute it right and you would make your guitar solos come to life. Unlike playing it the old and boring way. To do it, simply play a note by plucking it and go to the next note without lifting your fingers away from the fretboard. That is the slide technique. It is very useful in guitar soloing. To give life to your notes when you play them. Learning guitar techniques is fun.

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Guitar Accessories

Guitar Accessories

guitar accessories

Guitar Accessories

AS a guitar player, or an aspiring guitar player, you need to be aware of the different accessories available for guitars. These are equipments that are used by guitar players for different purposes. Itâ??s very useful to know the different types of equipments that area available in the music store for these things would definitely make your life easier and make your guitar secured. If you know even at least the very basic accessories, it would do you a lot of good just by bringing them and securing them wherever you go. So to avoid you the hassles of searching for it elsewhere, here are the basic accessories.

Guitar Accessories

  1. Guitar Case â?? the most important guitar accessory in my opinion and I think it shouldnâ??t even be called as an accessory because it is a necessity. It protects your guitar from dents, scratches and bumps. This is a very useful accessory especially if you are moving a lot.
  2. Tuner â?? youâ??ll never know when you would be out of tune. So better bring this electronic device with you anywhere. Ensures you perfect pitch every time you play. All you have you have to do is to place your tuner beside your acoustic guitar or plug your electric guitar to it and sound the strings.

Guitar Accessories â?? Importance

The main reasons for guitar accessories are to assist you with your guitar playing or make normal routines easier. Like for example, the case protects the guitar, the tuner keeps it in tune; the strap allows you to stand while playing the guitar, and so on and so forth. So it is very much important to know these accessories. Also, you should definitely know what accessories you should need. You canâ??t purchase them all (unless you have the money) but for starters, start with the basic guitar accessories.

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Guitar Lessons

the Internet is home to lessons about almost everything under the sun.  It is also home for thousands of guitar lessons both free and paid.  This is the reason why most guitar students go to the Internet for guitar lessons because of the abundance of lessons that are available on the Internet and at ease in acquisition of lessons.  However, he could not just pick any of these guitar lessons.  You need to scrutinize and checked its first three days reliable.  Dishes in the Internet, millions of people upload data and Internet and you cannot rely each and every one of them not unless they are official content providers.

On the other hand, the benefits of getting lessons online are numerous.  Online guitar lessons are very easy to acquire all you need is to click.  It is also easier to understand because of the videos that are placed on the Internet.  These type of learning it is not available on books.  But some people really require or pressure guitar lessons on books.  I donâ??t know why but maybe its tradition.  But for me the most efficient place to find guitar lessons is the Internet.  So if you run and browse the Internet for guitar lessons.

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In any musical group, looking good is not the only thing that is important, you must sound good too. So for beginners, if you want to start sounding good, not just looking good there on the stage, here is a post for you. This would save you the hassle of looking for ways to sound good somewhere else. All you have to do is first; learn how to tune your guitar properly. I know it might sound lame but hey, you canâ??t play a good tune to an out of tune guitar. So it is very important to learn how to tune for you to sound good, and look good as well.  And by the time you finish reading this article, you will have the necessary stuff that would jumpstart you into learning how to tune. So enjoy the post!

How to tune?

Simple. Just base the 6 strings of the guitar on these following notes:

6th String = E

5th String = A

4th String = D

3rd String = G

2nd String = B

1st String = E

If you have a piano or something, you could do that one. But the easiest way is to buy an electronic tuner and tune it using the tuner.

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Seven strings

We might be accustomed to a 6 string guitar more than anything else. Yes, there are lots of guitar techniques that we know and we know how to play it and 6 strings. But have you heard about seven strings? If you want to know more about seven strings you are one lucky person. I have just the right thing for you that would really inform you about this subject matter. This would definitely save you from the troubles of searching for it elsewhere. By the time you finish reading this article, you shall be enlightened about the different information about the seven stringed guitars.

The seven stringed guitars do not differ too much from the ordinary six strings. The only difference is that it has an extra low string above the sixth string. The low string is a low B note but you could also tune it down to A if you want to. The purpose of placing a lower string on the 7 string guitar is for you to be able to hit lower notes. Like for example, with a 7 string guitar, you can hit a lower Eb / D#, a lower D, a lower C# / Db, a lower C, lower B, Bb and a lower A if it is tuned down to A.

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Alternate picking

Speed is what we always aim for, we guitar players. But for some, that doesnâ??t matter a lot as long as they could play properly. But for those who want to pick faster, they would want to learn a method of picking faster. So if you want to know about that, you came to the right place. I just have the exact information that you are looking for and this would definitely save you the trouble of looking for it elsewhere. You don t have to search far and wide just to know this method, itâ??s all here. And by the time you finish reading this article, you will have a new weapon in your arsenal which you could practice. So read further to know more.

The technique that imps talking about is the alternate picking technique. It is done by picking up and down alternately instead of picking in one downzone only. It raises your speed by a hundred percent because you can play notes in one go because of the alternate up and down picking. This is very much useful for people who want to learn how to shred and do quicker picking. But of course, you must practice this lot first since it is not an easy thing to do.

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Basic Barre Chords

If you are a beginner, you might get shocked at the number of chords available. I was shocked as well. The moment I learned all the basic major and minor chords, I checked the chord chart and saw more chords waiting for me. Until now, I wasnâ??t able to memorize it, but I learned the concept so I could find a way to play a chord that I donâ??t know. Also, there is a shortcut if you want to know more chords with just one chord shape. These are barre chords.

Barre chords are movable chords. Meaning, you can do a lot of other chords with just one chord shape. Barre chords are dividing into two types.

  1. E Type Barre Chord â?? the shape is taken from the E triad chord and then moved to the desired root key to play a certain chord that corresponds to that root key. For example, if you want to play the G barre chord, just Move the type barre chord to the third fret.
  2. A type barre chord â?? this is based on the A triad chord shape and then moved to the desired root key anywhere in the 5th string.
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Doing Bends

Knowing how to bend strings is an essential part of guitar playing it improves not only your finger strength, it also improves your guitar solo skills by adding feel and emotion to it. Bend is a guitar technique that you use to lively up your mediocre and monotonous guitar solo. To make the most out of it, you must know these things first:

  1. Finger Strength â?? this is how strong your fingers are or how capable they are in bending the strings of your guitar. You need a sufficient amount of strength to do these things. If your fingers are not that strong, try using lighter gauges of strings. Itâ??s easier to do bends on light gauged strings.
  2. Ear Training â?? you must also be accustomed to the sound of the notes to make sure that your bends are in tune. This is important because if you bend the string too much, you might not hit the supposed note that you are aiming for. Play first the note that you are aiming for before you bend the string so that you know how much bend you should do.

Basically, these are the things that you need to know about bending.

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Using the Metronome

You might not know it but, metronomes are not only helpful in keeping the time signature of your guitar playing intact, it also aids you in practicing. Yes, that is very true, especially for beginners, and not only beginners, some people who have been playing the guitar for years, when asked to play with a metronome, canâ??t keep timing. So if you want to know more about the uses of metronome in your guitar playing, you have come to the right place. I think that I have all the necessary information that you need about this subject matter, so sit back and relax and read further.

You can get a metronome device in your local music store; sometimes it comes with a digital tuner. But if you donâ??t feel like buying one, you could always Google It on the internet.  there are online metronomes available, and its free, that is if you will be practicing in front of the computer.

Now that you have a metronome, you can now practice your guitar techniques while keeping it in time. At first, start with a slow tempo and gradually pick up the pace when you think you could handle it. Thatâ??s how easy it is.

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